I’m finally updating my long neglected blog! Here are some recent posters from the last few weeks:

El Radio Fantastique is a fun band with a fantastic visual style, so I was pleased that they asked me to do a poster for their new show. Tom Erikson and I drove up to Point Reyes to see it, and while Tom found it dull, I rather liked it. I’ll be dragging people to see the San Francisco premier when it comes out.

Rupa of Rupa and the April Fishes also asked for a poster recently. She needed a fast turn-around, and wanted to know if we could do something with fishes and a boat. Surprisingly enough, I had this design just laying around — the Newport Folk fest had looked at it and chosen a different design, so all I had to do was make a Rupa-like character and add the color. Voila! Instant poster.

Here’s the original sketch:

And here’s the design they chose, which we used for shirts rather than a poster in the end, in two different versions. I’ve been very happily wearing the shirts.

Another recent job is the Winterfest poster for the SFBC — though I discovered after inking the name that it is actually “Bicycle Coalition,” not “Bike Coaltion.” Lots of fun doing this one, which is very much like a happier version of my “Truthcycle” painting that appeared in the show Mati and I did in July. Hopefully there will be limited-edition silksreened version of this, as well as a mass-produced offset version.