I don’t do that many rock posters these days, but when I saw the Ferocious Few (myspace, facebook) play a few months back, I knew I had to do a project for them. They’re a band composed of just two guys that generate an enormous amount of noise, and it’s just the kind of noise I like: loud, melodic and intense.

The Ferocious Few now have an album coming out, and this Wednesday is their album release party at Cafe Du Nord. This was as good a time as any to do that poster for them, so I did! It will be available at the show (and later next week in my online shop).

I did a few rounds on this project. First, I was going to do one of my cats. Here’s the first version of the poster:

But as I listened to the album while I worked on it you can stream it in its entirety here I realized I was missing something. This record is just edgy and crusty and intense, with a hint of sadness lingering in there somewhere. Also, a couple of the songs mention the devil.

All this reminded me of an old painting I did of Satan as a forlorn loser in a Charlie Brown shirt. (This painting never sold, and it just kicks around the studio because Mati doesn’t want it in the house. Maybe you’d like to buy it?)


I don’t know why I never thought of it, but this painting was a rock poster just waiting to happen. The rough texture of the painting and the moody but intense colors seemed to fit with the band’s sound. It took me some time with the image in photoshop in order to simplify it enough to silkscreen in 3 colors, but in the end it came out pretty great!


I got my friend Conor Ottenweller at Forthrite Printing in Oakland to print it for me. Conor’s a great printer who really cares about his craft, and I highly recommend him!

The show is Wednesday, May 5 at Cafe Du Nord on Market Street in San Francisco. The cover is just $5, but if you are a dirt cheap bastard (or are just saving your pennies so you can buy some a copy of the poster at the show) you can RSVP here and get in free.