Sometimes when I’m eating tacos at one of the world-famous Mexican taquerias here in the Mission, it occurs to me that someone could make a lot of money if they could just figure out how to export this amazing cuisine to another city. Say, New York. Or Berlin. How about Munich?

Funny, because a few months ago I got a call from some a design agency called Worldstudio, who were working on just such a project. They were looking for a complete look for their Mexican restaurant in Munich, and was I interested? Um, yeah!

Here’s what we came up with for the logo. I did the logo, the type, and the trippy border (which has little eyes that stare back at you if you look at it long enough):

Here’s an alternate layout:

And here’s how it looks on their business cards!

Milagros are those little icons you see in Mexico, sometimes made out of bits of tin little devotional folk charms. A leg, an arm, a heart. So naturally I also had to design a series of milagros that could be used around the restaurant.

Oh, and here’s one of the rejected logos & type treatments! Hm, now that I look at this one, I’m kind of liking it better…

They’re also doing shirts, chef outfits, salsa and bags with the art!

It was a super fun project! And there might be more I’m still waiting to hear if I get to design the lampshades and floor tiles for the restaurant. Can’t wait to stop into the restaurant one day and see my art plastered everywhere!