The Art Director with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra called a while back to ask if I wanted to do a poster. She had a few shows coming up, among them the B-52s and the Avett Brothers.

Tough choice! The B-52s are certainly more famous, and in fact their single Rock Lobster was the first record I bought with my own money, back in 1979! But in truth there wasn’t much question in my mind. I love the Avett Brothers and have been listening to them obsessively for quite a while. I love their mix of bluegrass, punk and Beatlesesque harmonies. I love their lyrics. I love the fact that the two main guys are in fact brothers. I love seeing them live!

Here’s a clip of the band that gives an idea of just how great they really are:

This was one of those lucky jobs where I came up with the perfect idea immediately. Here’s the sketch I drew in my sketchbook the same day I got the call:

The inspiration, of course, is the myth of Romulus and Remus, the infant brothers raised by wolves who went on to found the city of Rome. When Mati and I were in Italy we saw this imagery everywhere:

Below is some more of my inspiration, a photo I snapped in a church in Italy, under the nose of an angry and watchful security guard:

Here’s how the poster came out! It’s a 13×19 offset litho print. The best part: it’s for sale in my shop!