California Design & Illustration Show at Los Medanos Art Gallery

I helped curate a show with some amazing artists that opens this Thursday! The show is called “California Design & Illustration,” and it features my work as well as three other artists — here’s the invite that Mati and I created for the show:

Check out some of the photos from the installation!

My incredible talented wife Mati McDonough is the star attraction (IMHO). In addition to some recent paintings, she installed a whole wall of her inspiration — replicating the beautiful creative chaos of her working space.

Our good friend Lisa Congdon is in the show as well — she installed a series of her beautiful animal paintings that are a wonder to behold:

In addition to us three, we also included Jason Munn of the Small Stakes, who is one of our favorite artists working today. Jason’s rock posters combine incredible design savvy with conceptual brilliance. I really want to own this Dr. Strangelove piece, but think it is sold out!

I displayed a bunch of my own poster and book work:

My poster work and books!

But to really make the show special, Mati volunteered me to design a mural for the show. It took two days and three of us working to do it, but it came out great!

Los Medanos Art Gallery is on the campus of Los Medanos Community College, way out in Pittsburg (at the end of the BART line). Here’s the info in case you’d like to make the trek to join us!

Opening: Thursday, February 3, 2011 · 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Through March 3, 2011

Los Medanos Art Gallery
2700 East Leland Road (map)
Pittsburg, CA

Long Lost Voodoo Project

In 2009, I did a neat job: repackaging a series of Voodoo dolls for a company called Running Press. They wanted a spooky, two-color redesign for the boxes and dolls, and it was lots of fun to create.

I mocked all four of them up with my color printer, and here’s how they would have looked:

The cool part was that each box had a special die cut window to display the voodoo doll:

The new packages never appeared on the company’s website, so I never got around to blogging them. The other day I came across the files as I archived some old work, and I gave them a call to check in. Turns out the new designs were never produced! They paid me, so I guess I shouldn’t mind. But it is sort of sad never to see your work come to fruition. That must be one of the pitfalls of being a commercial artist — relying on others to print, produce and sell your work for you. You can do your job, but that’s no guarantee they’ll do theirs!

On the other hand, I now have a nifty portfolio piece to share! Anybody want to some voodoo packaging?