I’ve been a rider and active participant in the global bike culture phenomenon known as Critical Mass since 1993. September of this year marks the 20th anniversary since this social bike ride began here in San Francisco. In the years that followed, the idea spread to hundreds of cities around the world, and it is now a global movement.

In 2002, I and several other artists created posters to mark the 10th anniversary. This year, we continued the tradition. Here’s my contribution:

CM20 poster

With this type of work, I always try different color combinations. There were two “runners up” color options which I liked a lot, so we decided to run these as handbills alongside the poster.

CM20 handbills

Here’s a shot of the poster as it came off the press today. I’m telling the press operator, “Ease up on the cyan, please!”

press check

Check out the awesome Critical Mass 20th Anniversary posters by my friends Mona Caron and Jim Swanson. I’m so pleased to be part of such a long-lived and inspirational movement!

You can buy my poster as well as the others at this link as well as a copy of the new book, Shift Happens, which includes an essay I contributed about my involvement in Critical Mass over the years.