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Q: Hugh’s art looks familiar. Where have I seen it before?

A: Rock posters for Lucinda Williams, Calexico, Joan Jett, Elvis Costello and others. Communication Arts (on the cover!). American Illustration. Wired Magazine. Giant bus shelter ads for the Stern Grove Festival in San Francisco. Posters, tickets, stickers and ephemera for the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. Various book covers for Harper Collins (UK), Peachpit Press and AK Press. Poster collections such as Chronicle Books’ The Art of Modern Rock. You get the idea.

Q: Where does Hugh get his ideas?

A: Hugh has difficulty sleeping, which has caused his dreaming mind to take refuge in his sketchbook. Also, Hugh has been known to pay close attention to the art of other artists, among them the pulp novels of the 1950s, film posters from the 60s and 70s, papel picado silhouettes from Mexico, and the paintings of Mati McDonough.

Q: Can I hire Hugh to paint _____?

A: Yes! Hugh is an artistic mercenary, a gun for hire. When it comes to art, he has no scruples. Pay him and he will paint. It’s uncanny!

Q: I have some money. Should I give it to Hugh?

A: Yes! Hugh loves money, and for some reason he can never get enough of it.

Q: I need some art, but I have very little/no money.

A: That’s terrible that you have no money. You should get some! But for now, go ahead and grab some of Hugh’s political and/or old art which he has made available on his Flickr page for paupers such as yourself to use.

Q: I need a logo for my new business. Can Hugh do it?

A: Hugh has multiple talents, but sadly, logo design is not one of them. (Fistfuls of cash might result in Hugh discovering hidden talents, however.)

Q: What an amazing website! Did Hugh design this? Can Hugh make my site?

A: Hugh designed this amazing site, and he convinced Chris Contolini to develop it. But don’t ask Hugh to design your site unless you want to hear him rant for several minutes on the many frustrations and limitations of design on the Interwebs.

Q: When I Google Hugh’s name, I discover that he is involved in various political initiatives. What’s up with that?

A: Hugh has been a radical activist his entire adult life, and he can’t stop now. He helped start the worldwide bicycle movement known as Critical Mass worked on the infamous political magazine Processed World, and was one of a handful of visionaries who somehow knew that the Iraq War was a bad idea from the start. Hugh also does design work for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and worked there as an employee and blogger for a time.