My friend Ara Anderson asked me to do a poster for him about 5 years ago, and now it’s finally done.

Ara’s band Iron and the Albatross is playing the Red Poppy Art House on Friday, along with his girlfriend, Katy Stephan. These two are both so amazingly talented that I had plenty of inspiration, which I guess is the reason I like doing music posters in the first place. Katy had a project a while ago called Every 7 days, where she wrote a song every week. Now she’s in the studio recording the fruits of her labors. And Ara is a maniac. When he is on stage, he literally glows, like he’s radioactive. It’s weird. I love Iron and the Albatross, and also his other project, Boostamonte.

I’ll be at the show with a stack of posters. It’s a small venue, so if you’re thinking of joining us, you’d better come early!

Meanwhile, out there in Internet-land, someone has finally taken on Stephen Colbert. It’s about time someone stood up to that guy. He talks about “truthiness”, but as this site points out, it’s really “falsiness”. (You might not be able to view the video through YouTube, but the QuickTime link on the site works.)