In 2009, I did a neat job: repackaging a series of Voodoo dolls for a company called Running Press. They wanted a spooky, two-color redesign for the boxes and dolls, and it was lots of fun to create.

I mocked all four of them up with my color printer, and here’s how they would have looked:

The cool part was that each box had a special die cut window to display the voodoo doll:

The new packages never appeared on the company’s website, so I never got around to blogging them. The other day I came across the files as I archived some old work, and I gave them a call to check in. Turns out the new designs were never produced! They paid me, so I guess I shouldn’t mind. But it is sort of sad never to see your work come to fruition. That must be one of the pitfalls of being a commercial artist — relying on others to print, produce and sell your work for you. You can do your job, but that’s no guarantee they’ll do theirs!

On the other hand, I now have a nifty portfolio piece to share! Anybody want to some voodoo packaging?