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May Day! My Poster Goes Viral

May Day was a big deal this year. While this holiday is a huge in the rest of the world, with giant rallies and celebrations in every country on Earth, it’s rarely celebrated in the United States. So I was glad to hear that there were protests and celebrations planned in cities around the country. This is, after all, the country that invented May Day, a holiday born of the struggle for the 8-hour day in the 1890s.

I made this poster to mark the occasion, and I was glad to see that it went viral! It’s been shared over 200 times on Facebook, has been featured on the Occupy Wall Street page, Wonkette, and multiple other blogs, and I have reports that it was put to use as far away as Italy, Spain and Australia!

I posted the image, on my Flickr page (you can download a hi-res image if you like), and encouraged people to download, copy and share it, keeping in mind the image is available on a Creative Commons Non-commercial Attribution license. I don’t have much time for activism these days, but I’m pleased if I can contribute to these movements for positive social change with my artwork. (Way more fun than sitting around in endless meetings or other “activist”-like stuff!)

Many people have written asking for a print of the poster, so I’ve made it available in my shop at the low working class price of $20. Get one today!

Also, you might be interested in the inspiration for this poster, which is the wonderful classic from 1896 by Walter Crane. What an inspiring image!

Anarchist Bookfair

I did the poster again this year for the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair, which is taking place this weekend!

This is the 9th poster I’ve done for the Bookfair. Each year I try to do something completely different something outside my usual style. I’m always amused when people don’t realize that I’m the artist behind all of them!

Each of the Anarchist Bookfair posters I’ve done are available on a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial license. You’re free and encouraged to download them from my Flickr page* and print, publish, remix and re-use for your own purposes.

Next year will be my 10th and most likely my final poster for the Bookfair. Maybe someone else will want to step up and do some? I hope so! It’s a fun project.

* To download the hi-res image, choose the “Action” tab above the image, then choose “View all sizes” and choose the size you want.