I’ll be giving a talk on Wednesday, October 17, all about my artwork and the various ways my politics have informed my art and vice versa. Mostly vice versa. That, I think, will be the main theme of the evening — the ways that being a creative person can somehow warp you into being a completely unreasonable and extreme advocate of total revolution. Or something like that.

The talk is at CounterPulse, a great performance/community space on Mission Street. Here’s the details:

Artist Talk: Hugh D’Andrade on Art & Politics
Wednesday, October 17, 2007
CounterPulse — 1310 Mission Street @ 9th
(Free and open to the public, donations welcome to defray costs)

It’s funny, but I’ve never given a talk like this, and it makes me realize how little I’ve spoken about my art over the years. Mostly, people don’t ask you to explain your art. I wonder if there is some sort of taboo about that… I know I rarely ask my other artist friends to fess up to what they’re thinking. Maybe I should start! I also realize I have a big aversion to “artist statements.” To me they just sound like the worst kind of self-important drivel. Can’t talking about your art be enlightening and fun at the same time? Well, I’ll aim for that in my talk.

This is actually one of a series of talks by artists on politics, organized by my friend Chris Carlsson. Chris has been doing a semi-regular series of talks at CounterPulse for a while now, about all sorts of political and community topics. The artist series is just a tiny sliver of the amazing stuff Chris has lined up this fall, but naturally its the most interesting to me. My friend Mona Caron gave the talk last month. (The audio of that talk is available here.) The other artists in the series are Andrew Schoultz, Eric Drooker and Faviana Rodriguez. I’ll try to post about those talks when they come up.

Hope to see you Wednesday!